{ Green Building }

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JAW Builders, Inc. is proud to be recognized as an ENERGY STAR® builder, committed to building homes that are more energy-efficient and that provide significant cost savings to homeowners.  In order to assist our clients in reducing the impact on the environment as well as their finances, we take the initiative to introduce several eco-friendly options.

As a client of JAW Builders, Inc., you can play an important role in reducing your dependence on the earth’s natural resources while increasing the comfort of your living environment.  Green building practices means we have invested in sustainable materials that protect the home from unnecessary leaks, decomposition, and high consumption of fuel and other precious energy reserves.  

Many of our clients think about being eco-friendly when building or remodeling their homes, but many are unaware of the added benefits and value an eco-friendly process can bring to their investment and to the quality of their lives.  At JAW Builders, Inc. we will assist and educate our clients to help prioritize the added value of “building green” based on four benefits to the homeowner as well as the environment.

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Water conservation
  • Conservation of natural resources

Let our team of professionals introduce you to a new era in homebuilding that goes beyond building a better home.  Build green and save some green with JAW Builders, Inc.